Loklok App Latest Update Preview and List of Changes Free 2024

For the convenience of users, it is noteworthy to note that frequent updates are made to the Loklok app. Besides many other additions to the app, Loklok app added some new themes and app lock functionalities in the most recent version.

Furthermore, other areas are also being addressed including offline streaming and security.

In-app features are well-known by the fans of streaming. All users are treated equally by Loklok app making it easy for both to grasp and use the application regardless of experience level.

Glitches & Bugs Resolved

Users were facing some minor bugs and glitches at the beginning disturbing the service of Loklok. However, you don’t need to worry about it because all those glitches and bugs were resolved by the latest update of developers.

So, now you can enjoy “aplikasi loklok film” and “loklok drama” without any problem even if you are using loklok for windows or loklok for tv. If you download loklok for ios still you will have no problem using the app.

Some bugs were used to stop the streaming and make it buffer for more than usual even with stable internet connectivity. Some users had faced kind of issues like having to tap the button a couple of times to make it work.

But like mentioned above you don’t need to worry anymore as all these bugs and glitches are resolved.

Enhanced Performance

The efficiency of Loklok app has been significantly enhanced since the bugs and glitches were fixed. You get a nicer experience as a result of better app delivery.

Because you are not interrupted while surfing on Loklok app. It does not waste your time even a little bit. This smooth interaction with Loklok app gives you a positive vibe adding to your experience. A seamless use creates loyal users.

When you update loklok app then you will get all the enhancement in loklok apk 2023. Besides this, whether you go for simple loklok app download or apk loklok mod you can still benefit from the improvements.

The Watch Together Feature

Now you can watch the entire film, season drama episode, etc, with your friends and family after installing Loklok with its most recent feature. Allowing you with strong stereo sound and a touch of extra graphics.

It might sound not like a big deal for some new or old users of Loklok app who do not have enough knowledge about this feature. It enhances your feel and experience.

How does it do that? Well, the question in your mind is answered here. When you have a stereo sound it allows the viewer to feel like being in the scene. As the stereo sound coming from the device surrounds you.

How can the graphics become better? Well, no doubt the media resolution result does matter. However, this feature will enhance the result by sharpening, giving more deep colours and removing the graphic noise generated from the low light environment video shoot.


Easy and Simple Interface

Making the use simple and easy of the interface is Loklok’s first and main objective. The best streaming app comprehension is provided for the users by the Loklok app. And it does not bargain on the user’s concerns.

The user interface is the priority of Loklok to get most of the modifications to increase user engagement and interest.

It is easy and simple to understand that if the user struggles to understand the use of Loklok then the user will most probably leave. So, making it easy to understand, simple to use, and visually good will allow user retention.

Sound Controls

Above and beyond, the built-in media player can be replaced with an external one in Loklok app. Allowing you to have the ability to modify the sound effects and sound quality accordingly.

Whether you prefer more base to be presented while media play or more of a crispy clear treble. Additionally, the Loklok app has included built-in a large number of sound effects to choose from depending on the situation.

This feature was introduced keeping in mind the users who like to customize the sound according to their preferences. Besides preferences, it allows you to have a unique and better feel of the media content.

In addition, it comes in handy for some users with devices which are not able to handle high base, treble, etc.

How do the built-in effects in Loklok app give additional convenience? Well, these effects were made according to preferences. Some effects are made with new configurations not introduced before on many platforms.

Even though you might not find the sound modification feature on other well-known streaming platforms.

List of Changes in the Loklok App

Remarkably, the Loklok App updates regularly. Unlike its competitors, Loklok updates security features, internal app customization, and the overall visual design of the app.

To error is human, it is not rocket science to forget about including some feature or make any mistake while developing the app. Then feedback and suggestions from the users come in handy regarding the betterment of the app and removing any bugs and glitches occurring to users. 

If these suggestions and feedback start to be ignored by the review team then the app will start to lose its position in the market. You will not know about the issues and enhancements that can be made to it.

Neveless users might get errors while using the app or the app might not remain functional.

That is why the feedback and suggestions provided by the users are analyzed first. Soon after the developers start to work on it and keep it healthy for you all.

Loklok maintains its dominance because of user priority despite the vast majority of streaming apps available on the internet market. The feedback and suggestions on the app are always valued and never compromised by Loklok app.

Every month, updates are sent to Loklok app from the server. The app has had the following modifications as of its most recent update:


Fresh Theme

Viewers are drowned more than before with the new colour scheme “The light Indigo” introduced by the Loklok app. The new theme excites the users to use the app without boredom. The Loklok new appearance is indulging the users in the app hassle-free.

It does not mean that this colour scheme or theme will be permanent. Loklok works regularly on appearance by offering new colour schemes and themes. Allow users to have a fresh look after a month or so.

All the themes provided by the company are compatible with all the versions as mentioned like “loklok com”, loklok for laptop, loklok ph,”loklok. com”, “loklok app store”, loklok-ph pro, loklok ph pro, loklok apk for pc, loklok play store, loklok old version, loklok com update 2022, etc.

Help Button

After the most recent update, the tactics of Loklok app can be accessed by the provided “Help Page” for users displayed on the screen. If any user is in need of some help can get assistance from this field.

The noticeable thing is not that you get the help button, the noteworthy thing is that you will be assisted for sure. It is not just for show or gimmick. It will give you the information and solution to your problem regarding the app.

For example, if you are facing any error, glitch, some functions not working, compatibility issue, etc, you will need to simply tap on the Help Page and get assistance accordingly. The agent on the other side will get you through.

App Lock

For the enhancement of security, an integrated app lock is being introduced by the Loklok app. Just to let you know, a PIN or password and fingerprint key can be set to avoid any undesirable threats to secure your app.

It is better to work on security and be ready before something harmful happens to your personal information.

Besides such high risk, everyone cares about their privacy what they like to watch and what they do not. It is all about their interest and if they don’t want to share it with others then it is totally up to them.

In addition, if you are not such a person to keep all your things private still you might not want someone to open your app without your permission. You may be concerned if a user changes the app’s settings by mistake.

This app lock feature has been introduced in Loklok by being aware of all those things.


Several global languages have been included by the developers of Loklok for user convenience. At present, eleven different languages are available for users to select from.

Why so many languages? If these types of questions have started to pop up in your mind then we have the answer for that. 

Well, as you know, many countries do not offer their study courses in English or so. So these types of students have language barriers. And it gets difficult for them to operate such applications in a language they don’t know.

The Loklok team is working on other well-known global languages as well to include them in the app. The languages which are considered to be offered in the update in the upcoming few weeks are Russian, German, Hindi, Persian, Urdu, Turkish, Pashto, etc.


Included Languages





Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian)

Bahasa Melayu (Malay)



Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese

Thai Language

News Screen

It is noteworthy to note that the News button displays the most recent news and updated information since the last update. You are informed when new episodes of novel dramas, serials, the latest movies, and other content are loaded onto the Loklok app. 

News is not limited to some specific country or region. You can access any preferred news channel you like. Whether it is BBC, CNN, or another channel is available just a tap away.

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