Loklok for PC Download & Install FREE (Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11) 2024

Are you bored with the small screen and looking to run Loklok for PC on a bigger screen to enjoy live streaming? Then you have come to the right place to live stream on your laptop, computer, and tabs. Because a sizable library of films and stuff is available on “Loklok for PC” from each corner of the globe.

Loklok for pc allows its users to have the same amazing experience of watching live streams on a large display without any issues. You won’t see any exemption of features in this version.

Users are trapped and confused by so many operating platforms available while searching to enjoy live streaming on their PCs. Most of the users face the same difficulty of affordability when those platforms ask for high subscription fees.

Stop watching your favorite content on the small screens of your smartphone and switch to the bigger display. The feel of a film or something is completely above imagination when watching on a large display.

Loklok for PC has broken the typical practice of the competing world of streaming with demanded features. Loklok for pc has used to term “you name it you get it” when providing features for the users. But the fun part is that all these features are free to use.

Streaming lovers are now tired of the typical small screen of mobile phones. These streaming fans looking for a change now. Which is made possible only with Loklok for PC. In this dilemma, the developer’s team of Loklok for pc has made a compatible app for your personal computer.


Loklok Supports Desktops?

Happy to say yes Loklok is made compatible with your desktops. It sounds unbelieving but this is the reality now. Loklok for PC is truly made for your personal computers to be used on. It does not mean that you will face a lack of content. Instead, you will have the same enjoyment as you used to have on your mobile phone.

Loklok for PC has gained popularity and got the top position in the competition with its capability to be used on personal computers. Streaming viewers were having trouble entertaining their self through digital stuff which should not be only available on handy devices.

Bigger screens clearly make a difference because the movies, web series, etc released by the producers can engage viewers more. Several Streaming applications tried to be operational on PC but failed in it.

Just like the Android App, Loklok for PC is easy to use and the interface is made with user-friendly characteristics. An easy and simple interface is not only easy for the viewers while using the application, but it also enhances the experience.

Moreover, the interface of the Loklok for pc is customizable. Users can modify the interface according to their preferences. Which gets easier to use as well as the visuals are enhanced.

When a user newly switches from their mobile app to a PC version then no hurdles are being faced. It is made possible with a hard-working team of developers. The chemistry between the application and the user is being matched by the developers. Users can clearly feel the integration.

Before the release of “Loklok for PC” fans of live streaming were struggling too much to enjoy streaming for free on the big screen with their family and friends. It is observed that users with mini-screens feel loneliness as they can’t watch their favorite stuff with their family and friends.

Your kin and pals are brought near to you with this application. And it was only possible by the passion and hard work of designers. The Loklok for PC will allow you to enjoy your favorite stuff with your pals and kin on a single and bigger screen.

Features of Loklok for PC

As you may observed big shop charges high prices for their services. Similarly, when streaming enthusiasts demand the same mobile content on their PC the situation gets tough. Because making these features available on your personal computers is somehow hard to do.

That is why other streaming operating applications charge users high prices. Which may not be possible for many users. Causing the viewers not to be able to watch their desired videos on the PC.

This issue has been resolved by the invention of Loklok for PC. A wide range of visual stuff has been brought to the users to play on their bigger screens without any issues. Moreover, users will not be charged with any burdening prices. Hundreds of such prominent features are offered by Loklok for pc to attract viewers.

Easy to Use

Affiliation is enhanced by the easiness. Due to its simple and easy layout, new or experienced viewers will have no issues to face. Users are not required to learn the use of the app after the installation of it on a Loklok for PC version. Freely reach in the usual way to your desired digital stuff.


Loklok offers a customization option that can be modified according to your will. Even the Loklok for pc version of the app is also customizable. As compared to other competitor’s apps, this app allows customization so it can work according to the needs.

Customization features have been provided due to the different preferences of the different users. So you can modify the layout according to your interests and needs in Loklok for pc version.

Personalization Of Appearance

Are you bored with the same look of your favorite app? No need to worry this app allows you to make changes in the appearance. Do you want to change the color of the theme then no worries this feature is already here. If are you interested in changing the layout then just go for it.

This personalization feature was available for the mobile phone app but now it is also available in the Loklok for PC version. As human beings with the passage of time, we get bored with the same look of anything. This feature was introduced to keep them fresh and keep the app exciting at every corner.


Did you install the app on your PC as well? Then you have the good news that you are getting plenty of amazing features. The user experience and beauty of the app are enhanced with the help of this feature.

From the list of themes, you can choose from the sceneries of gadgets, nature, animals & pets, meadows, flowers, stars, mountains, glaciers, and many more.

It is not just a background wallpaper you are going to change it gives a completely different feel to your experience.


Unlimited Playlist

To gain the attention of the streamers, Loklok for pc has created a feature that allows its viewers to create playlists as many as they want. To spend quality time with family and friends you can set multiple playlists.

Besides creating playlists and having the choice to have multiple at the same time you can give your own custom name to these playlists.

Offline Play

Want to watch exciting stuff but have limited internet access? No worries. Limited stock of trending dramas, films, documentaries, and sports matches is provided on your personal computer by Loklok. These are watchable even if you lack internet connectivity.

In the streaming competition, competitors are beaten by the informal approach of Loklok.

Latest Release

Every part or aspect of the desired web series, seasons, etc, does not need to be searched by the users of Loklok. The library of Loklok for pc is regularly updated to provide the latest released stuff for users. Which allows them in this aspect to be self-made.

HD Quality

Nothing to be doubted about, when it comes to the HD result and improved quality of video in a vast variety provided by Loklok for the users. Enjoy your time with family and friends while watching better-quality videos on your Loklok for PC version. 

Providing high-definition videos is the basic requirement of the PC operating application. Because the pixels of low-resolution videos break on a big screen. Loklok for pc fulfills this task completely.

Streaming Content

Are you willing to count the digits of the content available on Loklok? Go ahead, No one is going to stop you. It is a Milky Way, you will quit counting.  It is because the digital stuff being available in the application is truly in a very large number.

Content from Hollywood, Korea, Bollywood, China, Russia, Europe, Japan, Anime, web series, TV shows, News, Movies, Dramas, Sports, etc from every corner of the globe is delivered to you. So, any user from any part of the world can find related stuff to watch.

Installation Guides

Installing the Loklok application on your personal computer is not Jack the Ripper’s mystery to be solved. It is as simple as eating pie. No formalities are being asked during the installation process of the Loklok application. Even a beginner can install the application on his/her personal computer without asking for help from a stranger.

Download Loklok on PC (Using Emulator)

Loklok on personal computer installation procedure is an interesting task. Pursue the given instructions carefully.

Here are the steps to download the emulator first:

  1. Go on to your PC browser
  2. Type “BlueStacks” in the search box
  3. Click on the official website
  4. Locate the download button
  5. Click the download button
  6. In a few moments, your download will finish

Here are the steps to install the emulator on a PC:

  1. Go to your “downloads” folder to locate the downloaded file
  2. Double-click the downloaded file
  3. Installation will start
  4. After a few minutes, the installation will finish
  5. Launch the emulator

Here are the steps to download and install Loklok on the emulator:

  1. The interface of the emulator is just like an Android mobile phone
  2. Double-click the Google Play Store
  3. Type Loklok in the search box
  4. Click the app
  5. Click the install button
  6. Wait for the downloading and installation process to complete
  7. Launch the app and enjoy

Download Loklok on Windows (Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11)

The installation process is easy and simple for the Loklok app while using the mentioned above Windows on computers. There are no difficulties in the procedure to be faced. If you have any of these versions of Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11 then pursue the steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the Playstore of Windows
  2. Go to the search box
  3. Type “ Loklok for Windows”
  4. Locate and install Loklok
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions
  6. Let the installation complete
  7. Launch the app and enjoy

Download Loklok MAC OS – Without Jailbreak/Root

The universe of MAC OS is quite different than the rest. The life of MAC users is beyond others. It is like having a complete universe in their devices. There is a big “but” here because the control of the streaming portion is still under the Loklok App.

Follow the given instructions:

  1. Go to the App Store
  2. Click on the given search box
  3. Type Loklok
  4. Tap on “Get / Install”
  5. You may need to enter your Apple ID (Optional)
  6. Let installation finish
  7. Now, launch the app and enjoy

The Conclusion

Efforts have been gathered by the author and the team to provide viewers with enough information about the installation process to be understood. Hopefully, you will be satisfied with the provided information about the download and installation of the Loklok app on PC, MAC OS, and other devices. The given downloading and installation methods are verified. 

If you have any further confusion or queries feel free to contact us.


A: No, it is totally similar to the Android application in features.

A: Loklok strictly works to keep the privacy of the users safe and secure. Streams and other things are encrypted because Loklok has no concerns about your personal information. Loklok values your privacy.

A: Core and plenty of other features are totally free for users to use.

A: Yes! Users who are looking for additional features can get premium or VIP subscriptions with minimal fees.